Get Rejuvenated With Remedial Massage
in Cranbrook, in Townsville

Bev H Remedial Massage
-- Hands-on Pain Relief --

Remedial Massage helps your body to relax and helps relieve your discomfort and/or pain


Bev's Massage Includes All Remedial Massage Techniques, With The Offer Of Hot Stones, Vacuum Cupping, And Emmett Techniques, in Cranbrook, in Townsville

Bev H Remedial Massage
-- Hands-on Pain Relief --

to help your muscles to relax and for your tightness and pain to subside


Pregnancy Massage in Cranbrook, in Townsville

Bev H Remedial Massage
-- Hands-on Pain Relief --

Use of safe techniques to help you relax and aids your body's comfort

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Rejuvenate Yourself – Hands-on Pain Relief

Massage therapy helps you to rejuvenate yourself. It leads to proper blood flow in the body and thus, helps relax every muscle; eventually giving you a healthier body and better stamina. Body massage is an ancient treatment that has evolved over the ages to suit today’s lifestyle like the new quick chair massage. Massages are supposed to heal the body and are generally used to treat a wide variety of physical as well as emotional issues. At Bev H Remedial Massage Therapy, I, Bev Hazlewood suggest you to opt for massage therapy frequently; as it helps to maintain good health.

Why Choose Bev?

I am professionally trained and certified to offer quality massage service. I have expertise in various types of massages and am qualified enough to use the right techniques to reap maximum benefits for your body. In order to get rid of the stress and tension in the muscles that tends to accumulate over time; select remedial massage in Townsville from the list of massages that I offer. It is usually good for getting rid of muscle tightness and also helps in pain relief and stress relief. I guarantee you an amazing experience at an affordable price.

Relaxation massage therapy is majorly about stimulating the exact points on the face and the feet that eliminates stress from the entire body and helps in the healing process. I ensure that you feel revitalized and energetic after the massage therapy is complete.

  • Affordable
  • Guaranteed relaxation
  • Certified Massage Therapist
  • Quality service
  • Complete rejuvenation

My offered packages are comprehensive suiting everyone’s needs. Believe me when I say that your relaxation time won’t cost you more than you can afford. All the packages are competitively priced for optimum customer satisfaction; keeping in mind the current market trend and rates. You can rest assured that you are at the receiving end of the best hands-on pain relief treatment in town.

Hygiene is a Must

Hygiene plays an important role when it comes to physical contact while giving a massage to a client. At Bev H Remedial Massage Therapy; I personally ensure proper maintenance of the massage parlor, professional behavior and also follow a set of safety rules for rendering quality service. Not only that, I use superior quality products which are suitable for all my valuable clients – products are based on each skin type and its sensitivity. I try my best to make sure that you experience top notch service from my end.

Qualified and Experienced in different types of massage

I am qualified and experienced to safely provide the required massage therapy for my clients, including elderly clients.

I offer a range of services including Swedish relaxing Massage; Indian Head Massage (very relaxing and beneficial for many conditions), Remedial Massage Therapy (for tight muscles and pain relief)  Emmett Therapy (muscle release therapy), Hot Stone Massage (I also use Hot Stones as a tool to relax  tight muscles); Vacuum Cupping (which helps the body’s fluids to flow through the area that has been tight and congested).  

My Clients have told me that they appreciate my massage because I know when to use the different techniques, and they work!

If you are feeling tired after all the work and after completing your household chores and are looking forward to some relaxation; I suggest you to book an appointment at Bev H Remedial Massage Therapy. I promise to help you get rid of the stress with my expert knowledge and therapy.

I offer a 10% discount on all services to those who hold a Pension Card or a Senior's Card.

Benefits of Remedial massage therapy

Relaxation – reduces cortisol – the stress hormone which can contribute to weight gain, digestive problems, sleep disorders, and headaches. – Reduces stress – improves mood – reduces pain – boosts energy levels – lowers blood pressure – helps to reduce trigger sources for anxiety, hostility, tension, depression – promotes muscle relaxation; blood circulation – improves posture – strengthens the immune system. **To see how to Schedule an appointment – Click the Appointment Scheduling tab in the Menu at the top of this page. The “Button” below will take you to my actual Client Scheduling webpage.