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My Massage Therapy

Remedial Massage includes Deep Tissue Massage, Trigger Point Release techniques; Soft Tissue and Myofascial Release techniques; Lymphatic Drainage, Passive traction and movement of joints; resisted stretching..
I also do Pregnancy massage.
Seated massage is available.
Mobile massage (to you) is available.

I am qualified in Emmett Therapy, Hot Stone therapy, and Vacuum Cupping – which all help the muscles to relax .

I have a portable massage table (always in my car), and a sturdy, light-weight massage chair, which can also be put in my car, if need be

** All services are strictly non-sexual **

 A view of my Massage Clinic room in my Unit.
I practise Remedial Massage Therapy in a designated room in my Unit in Bergin Road, Cranbrook, in Townsville, North Queensland.

I may use warm stones and/ or Vacuum Cupping, which help to relax muscles and to relieve pain and discomfort and faster recovery of the muscles.

 Warm stones in hands

Seated massage

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