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Welcome to Bev H Remedial Massage Therapy. I, Bev Hazlewood am qualified and experienced in doing Pregnancy Massage for expecting ladies for lowering their stress and discomfort levels. Massage therapies have been known to mankind since times immemorial for their healing properties. In times like these; where everyone is up and about for work on a daily basis; it is necessary to treat the body with kindness and to book for regular massage treatment to help your body to function at an optimal comfort level for now and for the future. Call to book a quick appointment with me.

I offer a 10% discount on all services to those who hold a Pension Card or a Senior's Card.

What is Remedial Massage?

At Bev H Remedial Massage Therapy, various types of massages are rendered to help you heal and recover. One of them being Remedial Massage – it targets your muscles, tendons and tissues. It is usually good for getting rid of muscle tightness and also helps in pain relief and stress relief. This technique helps relax the knotted, tensed and immobile muscles of your body and even helps in healing damaged tissues. The healing effects of deep tissue massage; is undeniable.

Remedial Massage (which may or may not include): deep tissue massage, trigger point massage, mysofascial release, soft tissue release

Remedial Massage

  • stimulates blood supply
  • has healing properties
  • encourages mobility
  • repairs damaged tissues
  • gets rid of tension in the muscles & tendons
  • improves posture

What is Relaxation Massage?

Relaxation massage focuses on de-stressing the body. It helps to calm down the mind and body; leading to full relaxation. It is a massage technique that involves hand strokes and kneading. Specific pressure points are targeted for best results. It is a painless healing therapy that is quite effective for almost everybody.

At Bev H Remedial Massage Therapy, other than offering Relaxation Massage Therapy, I also offer Swedish Massage and Hot Stone Remedial Massage Therapy; if required. It includes Hot Stones and a complementary Emmett therapy.

Relaxation Massage

  • is effective in healing
  • is very relaxing
  • encourages stress detoxification
  • increases overall well-being
  • gets rid of tension
  • promotes mental clarity
  • helps improve the mood

What is Pregnancy Massage?

At Bev H Remedial Massage Therapy, I, Bev Hazlewood is qualified and experienced in rendering Pregnancy Massage to the ladies for lowering the stress levels. This massage is done side-lying using a full-body pillow. It is the recommended position for massages during Pregnancy. My clients love the relaxation and muscle release of my Pregnancy Massage. I take utmost care while handling my clients.

Pregnancy Massage

  • lowers stress levels in body
  • lowers swelling of the joints
  • lowers back pain
  • lessens muscle pain & cramps
  • reduces anxiety

Pregnancy Massage – Done side-lying using a full-body pillow | It is the recommended position for massage Pregnancy | Clients love the relaxation and muscle release of my Pregnancy Massage.

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